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Jiangsu Dalongxin Construction Group Co., Ltd.

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Jiangsu Dalongxin Construction Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jiangsu Dalongxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., is a first-class qualified enterprise of housing construction. The company was established in December 2008 and formally renamed Jiangsu Dalongxin Construction Group Co., Ltd. after approval by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in February 2019. The company also has a number of professional companies, such as real estate development, building materials testing, commercial concrete, fire engineering, architectural design and so on.
The registered capital of the company is 308 million yuan, and now it has the qualification of one-level general contracting of housing construction projects, one-level decoration and decoration, three-level greening of urban gardens and installation of lifting equipment. Since its establishment, the company has continuously pursued new development, obtained many honorary titles, accumulated rich construction experience, mastered a variety of new construction technologies, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the company.
This company has abundant technical strength and financial strength, and now has more than 1800 employees, more than 300 technicians and economic managers with professional titles. Among them, there are 45 middle and senior professional titles, 35 first-class builders, 30 second-class builders, more than 100 project managers and more than 200 engineers and technicians. The company has established and improved a series of management systems, such as quality, safety, labor security, archives and finance, and has a sound scientific management system. The headquarters of the company consists of comprehensive department, Ministry of Commerce, Security Department, Finance Department, Material Department, Propaganda Department, Quality Inspection Department and other departments, responsible for the overall planning and operation of the company. The company is also equipped with complete construction equipment, construction tower crane, construction elevator, pile driver, excavator, bulldozer and other large-scale construction equipment, with a sound mechanical management system.
The company attaches great importance to quality control, seeks credibility and development, strictly adheres to the management creed of "safety is the root and quality is the basis", actively advocates enterprise culture, and runs the scientific management concept throughout the whole process and stage of the company's development. Strictly control quality, and constantly strengthen the construction of quality and safety management system. Over the years, various large and medium-sized construction projects have been undertaken successively. The new comprehensive office building, laboratory building, teaching building and gymnasium of Huangqiao Middle School in Jiangsu Province were relocated. Among them, the teaching building project won the Meilan Cup award of Taizhou High Quality Project in 2015, and the first and second phase of Binhu International (Jiayuan) project, which won the demonstration site of standardization and civilization of Jiangsu Province's construction in 2016 and 20. In the first half of 16 years, Taizhou High Quality Structural Engineering Award was awarded in the first half of the year. The second phase of the project won the Meilan Cup of Taizhou High Quality Engineering Award in 2018. The Rongke Garden Project developed by Jiangsu Hengfu Real Estate Co., Ltd. was awarded the Taizhou City Standardized Civilization Demonstration Site in the second half of 2016 and the Taizhou High Quality Engineering Award in 2018. "Meilan Cup" and other honors; Bingkaifu 3 # workshop and Mingshi Washington project were awarded Taizhou City Standardized Civilization Demonstration Site in the first half of 2019. In addition to the new North Home, Xinghe Home, Huihe Home and other resettlement areas, Shanghai Garden Phase I, Phase II, Zhongxing Home Court Longhe Bay Phase II, Binhu International (Jiayuan) medium and large-scale residential projects, in 2018, the company also cooperated with the well-known national housing enterprises Biguiyuan Group and Jiayuan Group to build Biqin Garden and Jiayuan Garden in Huangqiao Town. Large-scale real estate development project in the west of Venice. We have also cooperated with many well-known enterprises in Taixing Chemical Development Zone, such as Yulang Chemical Industry, Kangpeng Chemical Industry, Sanmu Logistics, Zhaosheng Group, Baili Chemical Industry, Hualin Electrical Appliances, and have successively built a number of large-scale warehousing, industrial plant, sewage treatment and other projects. All the projects have passed the acceptance and acceptance. The rate of safety compliance is more than 99%, and the rate of contract performance is more than 99%.
In line with all the purposes of serving users, our company consciously emphasizes contracts, keeps promises, combines the benefits of enterprises with social benefits, and improves them year by year, formulates and perfects a series of rules and regulations, which effectively guarantees the smooth progress of Engineering construction. All along, the company has continuously strengthened its overall management, focusing on improving its own quality, with the contract duration, excellent quality, satisfactory service, won a better reputation. In the future, we will continue to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life in a wider range of fields, mutual assistance, mutual benefit and common development; with the enterprise spirit of "unity, dedication, pioneering and innovative", we will serve the vast number of users wholeheartedly and take the user's expectations as the direction of our efforts, and work together to sculpt the architectural products worthy of the times, so that we can meet the new era. Challenge, create new brilliance and build a better future together.

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